Free e-books and e-journals

Several thousands of eBooks, e journal and articles are easily available n the Internet. These resources are usually found to be freely available chose by the authors to be the same or even out of copyright. Some of the useful free sources of eBooks and eJournals are as listed below:


Textbooks written by academic authors and free of charge mainly in the field of IT, engineering, business and economics The student normal require to submit an email address and can access the content on Bookboon newsletters through signing up.

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

A service made available to gather details of academic and peer review journal articles on open access


This site comprises of public domain and freely available original works. Wide variety of file types can be accessed from the site that can be even loaded to most of the ereaders


Consists of millions of books, journals, and images that were published before 1900 and mostly are in French language. Free access digitalised by Bibliothèque nationale de France

Google Books

Facilitates the online view of either the complete texts or limited portions of books. Full View option in the advanced search option is to be selected if interested in view books in its entire form.

HathiTrust Digital Library

An emerging database entailed with digitalized sources of major US libraries. Public access supported for many of the older works. Search for Public Collection for freely available items.

Internet Archive Text Archive

Home to more than a million free texts.

Free Book Spot offer thousands of free eBooks PDF


OAPEN is an assimilator of peer review journal articles in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences issued from different European publications

Open Book Publishers

EBook available on free access and can be downloaded by University members

Project Gutenberg

More than 53000 books can be accessed freely and even downloaded to PCs, eReader or mobile devices.

University of California eScholarship Editions

Consists of 500 readily books of academic presses

University of Pennsylvania Online

Includes with 30000 freely available e books

CCSE- The Canadian Center of Science and Education

Canadian Center of Science and Education makes available of scholarly journal in wide range of fields like social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, biological and medical sciences, education, economics and management


Open Access Journal Search Engine facilitates easy access to numerous free journals

The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC),

The Education Resources Information Center of the Institutions of Educations Sciences streamlines the searching of material in terms of the topics related to the field of education

Affordable Paid Library Access

Students may also sign up on the affordable and reasonable monthly membership online libraries apart from these free digital libraries. Few of them are as follows:

  • Perlego: With a charge of just £10 a month., the library provides access to over 200000 books of leading publishers.
  • Questia : Charging monthly payments of $19.00, the library is operated by the Cengage Leaning providing access to around 94000 eBooks and 14 million academic journals, newspaper articles and magazines published by several authors and publications around the world.