Cookies Policy

Cookies are pieces of data that are kept in the systems on which the users are working by the web browsers. This enables to recognise the device and thus make the provision of the web services in a much efficient manner. This is done with the motive of delivering the services proficiently and uses them in a much more reliable ad convenient manner. The majority of the cookies support significantly towards the efficient functioning of the website, while some others do not. For example, the authentication cookies are meant to verify whether the user is logged on to a site so that the security information like passwords, OTP can be sent. This is considered to be crucial as it is associated with the safety of the data on the web. Therefore, the choice of blocking some cookies can affect the functioning of the website. Advertising cookies are not placed for your system or device. The cookies are used for making it comfortable for you to use the website. The principal aim of including cookies on our website is to ensure the proper functioning of our website and also to make use of the service more reliably. Other purposes of including cookies are to remind your preferences and eventually to collect data regarding how you are using the system. These aspects can help us to enhance our services

Types of Cookies

First party cookies are those which are placed on your systems or devices by us. Other cookies are provided and included by other websites are hence known as third party cookies. With the support of Google Analytics, it is possible for us to keep track of the webpage and websites that you browse through. The visitors to our websites can also be gathered from Google Analytics. This is done by setting three cookies in your system, ensuring privacy and not storing any information that reveals your identity.