SBL International is focused on offering quality services to its customers. At any case, if any dissatisfaction is experienced by the student in any aspects regarding the services rendered by the Centre, it is crucial to ensure that their concerns and complaints are made known to the staff members. This guide is intended to provide you a clear picture of the procedure involved and inform about the entire process. It is of utmost important for the students (or a group of students) to be given with adequate guidance and assistance if any of their concerns is not made available from the Centre. It would be much more facilitating if the resolutions of small problems are done in timely manner to avoid situations when it becomes difficult to solve issues. Students are expected to raise any concerns of dissatisfaction at the earlier stages so that resolutions can be effectively made. It is assured that a student will never be disadvantaged for raising an issue of disregard or dissatisfaction unless it is made in good faith.

  • Actions will not be made under concerns raised anonymously.
  • If the complaint is to be made by a group of students, we prefer nominated one among them for direct contact and data collection related to the concern. It is requested that the correct procedure for the issue resolution has to be followed and fulfill the requirements as early as possible if the Complaint is required to be considered appropriately.
  • Disciplinary actions will be issued for any annoying or malicious complaints issued.


This Complaints Procedure does not take into consideration of the complaints and appeals relating to the Academic Appeals at any stage. In cases, when students wishes to appeal against an academic decision, the Complaints Procedures does not apply and the student should follow the Appeal Procedure.


The Complaint Handling Procedures is intended to be done in

  • Fair and efficient manners
  • Appropriate seriousness, sympathy and confidentiality is maintained for every complaint
  • Prompt resolutions made
  • Facilitates the Centre to gather understanding from the experience


Probably, a complaint is to be first made aware to the staff who is directly concerned with the issue. The student is requested to arrange an appointment with the concerned staff in prior so that the complaint can be raised at a mutually convenient time. The student can anticipate for a response from the Centre in immediate terms or may take as long as 10 working days (on normal mail or email as appropriate) if either the concerned staff is absent or the issue has to be referred. An informal approach to making the complaint is always encouraging. Anyhow if the student is dissatisfied with the response thus made or unable to approach the responsible person the student may raise the complaint with the Academic Coordinator or the Director, who in turn will make the adequate actions required. Although the minimum duration expected to give a response for an issue raised can be 5 working days, it may take longer if further investigation has to be carried out. When a satisfactory resolution is done for the concerns raised, it is appreciated to confirm and record the matters through a brief exchange of correspondence or emails between the complainant and the person who addressed the issue. The Centre will follow a formal procedure of serious nature for the informal complaints issued. These matters will never be disregarded and ensure that the students wishers are fulfilled adequately.


In case if the matter is extremely serious and informal approach cannot make the appropriate resolution, the student is asked to fill and submit a Complaint form. Under the Formal Complaint Procedures, the submission of the Complaint Form or the letter and its data of receipt will record the commencement of consideration of the Complaint. The appropriate member in the staff will be assigned for the Consideration of the company with reference to the Director. This staff member will be allotted to conduct an in-depth investigation on the complaint and submit a written response to advice the Director for the proposed actions that may solve the issue, the student will be informed of the response in written form along with the actions that may be executed for resolving the issue. If the Centre explored that the complaint resolution cannot be justified, the reasons will be informed to the student and provided with a confirmation that the Centre has done its part of investigation with a final decision and no further actions will be taken. If the justification made for the complaint raised is acceptable, the student will be invited for an investigation regarding the complaint. As soon as the outcomes is attained, it is provided to the student in written form and confirmed that the Centre has completed the investigation on the Complaint and no further consideration of the matter will be entertained.


The Centre will strive for a prompt response for the complaint raised. The student will be informed of the progress in case any delay may occur due to unavailability of staff or nature of the complaint

  • The student is required to receive an acknowledgement for the written submission of complaint within 5 working days, provided that all the guidelines are followed,
  • An initial written response is normally issued for written complaints within 10 working days of the receipt, provided that all guidelines are followed
  • Within 28 days of a formal receipt of a complaint submission, a final written response is made available or the complainant, provided that all the guidelines are followed. However if the case is complex, this timelines may be extended.

The student will be informed at the earliest if there are any other exceptional constraints concerned with responding to the complaint. Please note that these constraints may appear within the course of considering the complaint and may not be possible to inform at the initial stages of the process.


  • To give the clear and precise substance of the complaint
  • To state the remedy that you seek, as clear as possible
  • To follow the procedures in the right manner as advised.
  • To provide requests as written statements
  • To attend meeting related to the complaints, if requested

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