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Top Up your MBA in London

MBA top up in London is a course for those who already completed a level 7 postgraduate diploma in strategic management and leadership (or equivalent) from the chartered management institute in CMI level 7 course or any business management school and also must have a two years’ of management work practice. The MBA top up is a distance learning or blended learning course that allows greater tractability for learning. Teaching and project supervision take place through online Medias like electronic mail, telephone and video conferences via Skype, hangouts with a dedicated team of staff in London.

You will be able to improve both theoretical and practical knowledge through modules. It will increase confidence when communicating complicated ideas and business analysis and develop analytical skills. MBA top up in London is a good idea consist of research methods modules and dissertation phase of MBA, building it a common choice for those who want to develop their careers in superior management. It will take seven months to complete MBA top up course by including two modules: one is Global Corporate Strategy, and other is International Business Environment. You can choose a topic based on your interest and professional goals.

We realise that your MBA is part of a headlong ride. We offer career support to help you gain a rapid return on your investment and achieve your personal goals. Visit or contact 020 3815 6595.

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