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Perspectives on a career in Accounting

Accounting is well-respected and traditional to move in, often involving considerable amounts of commitment, effort and a high level of education. The career can be worthwhile and rewarding in the long run despite minor setbacks encountered in the initial stages.

How to qualify

You can choose to follow an accounting and finance degree ; however, this area has specific qualifications and help you become a chartered accountant.

The bottom qualification you need is the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), a worldwide known skill that will help you choose your careers in a variety of industries. AAT offers four qualifications which can take six to eighteen months to complete. The courses contain advanced diploma and the professional diploma in accounting, foundation Certificate in Accounting.

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is another most substantial body that offers a few different certificates. You will become a chartered global management Accountant (CGMA) once you achieve a CIMA professional qualification and you will have the freedom to work anywhere in the world you wish.

How to become ACCA qualified

The advantages of an ACCA certification are impressive, and employers are seeking for applicants with this around the world. You will also receive a diploma in accounting and business once you complete first three papers and foundation ethics module of ACCA. You are required to pass all the necessary exams and ethics modules of this advanced diploma.

There are 14 exams in total. Once you have successfully get pass your first professional exam, you have seven years to complete the next set. You must also finish three years of practical experience to qualify. The advantages of becoming an accountant are clear to see: an excellent salary package, the chance to occupy in some large organisations, opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

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