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Learning an Employer’s Strategic Objectives

Nowadays, onward-thinking human resources administrators and business owners view learning as a tactical factor of their whole HR mission and are leveraging combined aptitude bids to motivate optimal employee performance or abilities. Masters in human resource management is widely considered to be the best well-organised and costly way to deliver training to a work team. However, the best way to formulate employees or to learn an employer’s strategic objectives for meeting organisational goals is to focus the training in significant zones of skill development. It provides an overview of human resource management and training with an overall background of organisations at an international level. You will learn how employee and organisational development are closely related to the HR topics such as recruitment, performance and appraisal, teamwork and motivation. You will be able to develop a critical understanding of the situations and problems about implementing practices targeted at improving employee performance and the competitiveness of organisation. The core modules of this human resource management course contain:

  • Employee development and workplace learning:

The concept or idea of learning and explores is introduced to a student through this part or module. It helps to examine or evaluate the implications of various styles to learning for employee development and human resource development practice by analysing through examples.

  • Managing human resources:

It gives an overall understanding of the organisational situation which HRM and training operations. Students will be able to situate the body of HRM within the background of the employment relationship, examine the theories of HRM, understanding the new trends in labour management.

  • Research methods:

It introduces the process of social science research and the essential or primary discussions related to the philosophy of social science. By completing this module, you will be getting an idea ethical, practical and the theoretical process behind the social research.

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