Advantages of Blended Learning Programme in UK
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Advantages of Blended Learning Programme in UK

Blended learning is a type of educational system when it uses both classroom and real teaching mixed with digital media and new technology. In short, you can say it a kind of hybrid education. It approaches online learning and face to face interactions, and it has enforced to consider the space of technology in a classroom. It is not only just using devices in the classroom but also a new system in the way we think about teaching and learning. The arrangement of real-time and remote learning activity suit every student can tailor their education.

There are various Blended Learning Models:

  • Online: providing instructions through online with broken face to face meetings.
  • Rotation: students can switch the mode of instructions. Programs are fixed but flexible.
  • Flex: instructions delivered online, with small group settings by teachers
  • Online lab: Instructions can also take place in a laboratory space provided by an online teacher.

Benefits of Blended learning

  • Increase student interest: when technology comes into school class students will focus more on their interested subjects.
  • Keep students focused for longer: Students are ready to spend time in front of the computer rather than classes. When it combines with access to resources such as the internet to searching. This helps develop exploration and research skills.
  • Facilitates student self-sufficiency: students will be able to set up learning objectives without seeking help from tutors. They will become self-driven and responsible.
  • Endorse student ownership: blended learning introduces a sense of “student ownership over learning”.
  • Allows students to study at their speed: Due to the flexibility and ability to internet access allows them to explore at their own pace and ability to track their progress.
  • It improves teamwork: students pursuing MBA Blended learning must require collaboration. So it helps to follow their learning procedure without any obstacles.
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