Regional Access Partners

The educational market has evolved substantially in recent years; with electronic platforms and hybrid teaching assistance with flexible study modes are critical to success. Regional Access Points are based on blended learning, a structured study option that combines support components from the academic staff of the School of Business London and its partners. School of Business London has developed a worldwide RAP (Regional Access Partners) network, which removes educational barriers and allows us to deliver our degrees all over the world. We are an IT-driven education establishment that relies on a thorough quality control procedure handled by our skilled and experienced academic and administrative team at SBL. RAP is authorised to recruit and promote students for School of Business London courses. RAP acts as a representative of SBL for first face-to-face contact and document collecting from prospective students, as well as to correctly and honestly give the needed information to all possible students, staff members, and other stakeholders. RAP is only designed to recruit and promote students; they must not conduct the courses or any connected workshops without prior authorisation from the appropriate awarding organisation. Every RAP is subjected to a thorough quality assessment and a six-month trial period.


Tamkeen Education

Tamkeen Education is a business name of Tamkeen Consultancy Centre, which specialises in training and education consultancy. Tamkeen Education is the UAE's sole Regional Access Partner, with headquarters in Sharjah. Tamkeen Education, as the regional hub of School of Business London (SBL), recruits students to SBL for different certified business, accounting and marketing and information technology credentials at a low cost. Furthermore, they recruit students for a variety of distance and online learning programmes at various institutions throughout the world. Aside from those wishing to study abroad, Tamkeen Education offers a complete service that assists students every step of the way, regardless of the degree of education they desire.

Global Merit Management Ltd

Our Hong Kong RAP is Global Merit Management Ltd, which is located at Silvercorp International Tower, 707-713 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Global Merit Management Ltd was founded in 2008 in Hong Kong, with a presence in a few Asian cities, to serve educational institutions and the general public in the areas of international programme consulting, training and development, institutional development and investment analysis, project management and market research. GMM brings excellent continuing professional education within the physical and financial reach of millions of people by providing online and conventional classroom-based educational programmes, workshops, and seminars.

InfoEra Academy

SBL's RAP in Malaysia is Infoera Academy. Infoera was founded in 2001 to give ongoing education to individuals in the workplace. It has now expanded from five students in 2002 to an active student body of over 500 students at the Penang, Malaysia headquarters. Infoera Academy has taught over 3,000 students from varied backgrounds at various levels, and they are presently working in a variety of roles both locally and worldwide. They can be found at 26 Jalan Prai Jaya, Penang, Malaysia, 13700.
Qiyi Consultancy Ltd – China British Education Centre

Qiyi Consultancy Ltd – China British Education Centre

Our Regional Access Partner in Beijing, China is Qiyi Consultancy Ltd, doing business as China Britain Education Centre (CBEC). CBEC is a group of committed professional advisors that provide high-quality services in the areas of abroad study, immigration, and investment. The address of the consultancy is 1501-66, 17th Floor, U Tang International Plaza, Chaoyang City, Beijing, China.
Douglas Business School

Douglas Business School

Douglas Business School (DBS) offers a variety of online and hybrid learning academic degrees in Marketing, Business, and Management. DBS also offers certified diploma, advanced diploma, and postgraduate diploma credentials from UK awarding organisations. These credentials serve as steppingstones to the numerous globally recognized Bachelor's, Master's, and MBA top-up programs offered by our prestigious international partners.